Razer Viper Ultimate Review

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The Razer Viper Ultimate is designed to be a true predator of the competition. It delivers marathon battery life and superior sensor performance, including low click latency and flawless connection.

It uses the same 20,000 DPI sensor as the Basilisk Ultimate but with Hyperspeed technology which Razer claims is 25% faster than wireless tech from other gaming mice. The mouse is ambidextrous and also has customizable RGB Chroma lighting.

Optical Switches

When you click your mouse, the switch sends a signal to your computer telling it that you’ve pressed it. In most mice, the switches are made from a thin piece of metal that gets pressed thousands of times every gaming session. After a while, they start to wear out and feel mushy or react slower than they should. The Razer Optical Switches in the Viper are different. Instead of a physical contact, they use an infrared light beam to send the signal, eliminating any debounce delay and preventing multiple clicks from being registered. Plus, they can withstand 70 million clicks, making them perfect for the rigors of gaming.

The Optical switches also give the Viper its incredible speed and responsiveness. Combined with the mighty Focus+ optical sensor (which can reach 20,000 CPI and track at 650 inches per second), the Viper’s buttons feel lightning-fast. And it’s all topped off with Razer’s Chroma tools, so you can customize the lighting and button functions to fit your style.

All of this makes the Viper Ultimate an esports-ready gaming mouse. Its incredibly fast performance will give you that fraction-of-a-second advantage over your competition. And it’s all backed up by Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless technology, so you can play for up to 70 hours without having to recharge. If you do need to charge, the Viper includes a dock that doubles as a receiver extender so you can continue to game while charging.

Optical Tracking

If you’re a pro gamer you need a mouse that can keep up, and the Viper Ultimate does just that. It uses a new HyperSpeed Wireless technology that Razer claims is up to 25% faster than the competition. It also comes with a battery that can keep you gaming for 70 hours.

One of the big worries with a wireless mouse is that it can suffer from latency and jitter, but in my testing the Viper Ultimate was rock solid. There was no discernible delay and it never dropped a connection.

This is all in part because of the optical sensors and switches that make up the mouse. The sensor is a big upgrade from the previous Viper, with 20,000 DPI that’s almost double as much as any other Razer mouse. This makes it able to track every little movement of your mouse with incredible precision.

In addition to the amazing optics, the switch in the Viper Ultimate are a big improvement over their mechanical counterparts. These optical switches use light to send electrical signals to your PC, meaning that there is no debounce delay and that they are extremely durable.

Another key piece of the puzzle is Razer’s Smart Tracking, which automatically calibrates the mouse to its surface. This eliminates the inconsistency caused by lift-off distance, which can cause your cursor to drift if you change surfaces. The Viper Ultimate also features a programmable button on the base of the mouse for calibration, which is always handy to have.

All of these technologies are packed into an ambidextrous mouse that weighs in at 74 grams (on my scale). This makes it a featherweight for a wireless device and the perfect size for people with medium or large hands. The shape is perfect for claw or palm grips and it’s even a decent fit for lefties too.

Smart Tracking

One of the most important things when it comes to a gaming mouse is how it handles on different surfaces. The Viper Ultimate uses Razer’s industry-leading Focus Pro flawless optical sensor to give users the most accurate tracking. But it also has a few smart features that help make this mouse stand out from the crowd. These include Asymmetric Cut-off and Smart Tracking. These allow gamers to set the lift-off distance for their mouse and adjust it based on what surface they’re playing on. Smart Tracking also helps with this by calibrating the sensor based on the surface’s unique characteristics. This is all done through the Razer Synapse software. And it doesn’t require you to have the program installed on every PC you use the mouse with, a great feature for tournament players.

Those two features alone are enough to put the Viper Ultimate well ahead of other competitors, especially at this price point. But if you take a look at the rest of the spec sheet you’ll see that it packs even more punch. The Viper Ultimate is a remarkably lightweight mouse at just 0.16 pounds. It’s also an ambidextrous mouse, so left-handers can enjoy it too. And it also features Razer Chroma RGB lighting so you can customize it to your heart’s content.

All of this is packed into a super sleek and slim design that fits perfectly on any desk. It may not have as many LEDs or as much customization options as some of the other top gaming mice but it makes up for it in pure performance. And that’s why the Viper Ultimate is my pick for the best gaming mouse.

Battery Life

If you’re someone who plays a lot of video games then chances are you spend a lot of time playing with your mouse. If that’s the case then you know how important it is to have a high-quality mouse with excellent performance and features. And that’s where the Razer Viper Ultimate shines the brightest.

The Viper Ultimate has a lightweight and comfortable design, and it’s ambidextrous so that lefties and righties can both enjoy this gaming mouse. It has a scroll wheel and two buttons on each side, all of which are programmable so that you can get the button layout you want for your setup. And there’s even a mode/dpi switch on the bottom of the mouse which allows you to swap between different DPI settings.

Adding to the great design is Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless technology which is supposed to give you latencies that are closer to those of wired products. And in my testing the Viper Ultimate definitely lived up to those expectations – there was no perceptible delay with any clicks and the connection didn’t drop at all.

You can program all the button mappings and macros you want in Razer Synapse, and the Viper Ultimate has onboard memory for up to five profiles for that plug and play feeling. And if you’re a fan of lighting then you’ll love the Chroma RGB controls that allow you to create your own unique look. There are 16.8 million colors, countless patterns, and dynamic in-game lighting effects so that you can customize your look to match your gamer style.

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a fantastic high-end gaming mouse that’s worth every penny. The excellent build quality and performance makes it a premium product that will give you marathon battery life without any trade-offs in sensor performance or input lag.


The Viper Ultimate is one of the most premium gaming mice available. It packs a ton of premium features into a lightweight, comfortable and fast-performing design that esports pros love. It’s a no-frills mouse that’s designed for FPS players who prefer a claw or fingertip grip and is ideal for users with medium to large hand sizes.

Like the Razer Deathadder and Mamba, the Ultimate is a true ambidextrous mouse with buttons on either side, making it perfect for left-handed gamers. It has a slim profile and a matte finish that looks sharp on any desk. It’s also quite comfortable with a good amount of flex. The only drawback is that the left and right buttons squeak when you press them all the way down, which detracts from the overall quality of this mouse.

Razer has made a few concessions to keep the Viper Ultimate as light as possible. For example, it has no RGB lighting in order to reduce the weight to 58g. While that may not sit well with RGB fans, it’s a small price to pay for this mouse’s impressive performance. There is, however, a tiny LED located behind the scroll wheel that illuminates to indicate when the mouse is connected and charging.

The Ultimate has a ton of customization options thanks to its programmable buttons and onboard storage. It has a total of eight programmable buttons and can store up to five profiles. You can adjust the sensitivity and tracker settings on-the-fly with the included Razer Synapse software, but you can also use the dedicated key on the mouse itself to save your preferred setups. It has a built-in USB hub that supports up to four devices and comes with a woven Razer Speedflex cable for easy setup and storage.

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