Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Review

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Eufy SpaceviewThe Eufy Spaceview is an innovative non-Wi-Fi monitor, working through its parent unit rather than an app, for fast and simple use.

While the Infant Optics DXR-8 boasts superior image quality and field of view, this one provides a longer battery life and some additional features we’ll outline below.


The Eufy Spaceview video baby monitor is an easy and straightforward plug-and-play monitor without Wi-Fi or apps for use, using FHSS technology that transmits sound and video using radio frequencies instead of WiFi to ensure protection from hackers and security risks. Furthermore, this monitor offers advanced features that set it apart from its competition.

Spaceview features a 5-inch 720p display which boasts superior video quality to other monitors on the market, while also being equipped with a wide-angle lens to offer more comprehensive views of rooms. Furthermore, its noise-activated alert system activates whenever audible sounds enter a room – this feature is especially helpful if you want to monitor sleeping children without disrupting everyone else’s rest; unfortunately however, its sound alert can be very loud ringing for up to 10 seconds, potentially awakening deep sleepers!

One notable feature is its customizable voice activation alert system. From its settings menu, you can change threshold level, alarm volume and alert duration accordingly. Furthermore, Eufy Spaceview monitor can record videos of your sleeping angel; however, as it lacks cloud storage capability you won’t be able to store those videos anywhere other than an external device like computer.

The Eufy Spaceview baby monitor is an ideal choice for new parents seeking an easy and affordable solution. Packed with advanced features that will appeal to many parents without overcomplicating its design, the Eufy Spaceview strikes an effective balance between cutting-edge features and user-friendly design; perfect for anxious newborns.


Unlike many WiFi baby monitors, the Eufy Spaceview doesn’t require you to download an app or use your smartphone as a remote – an added benefit for families with grandparents or caretakers who may not be as tech savvy. Plus, its range test score was an impressive 4.5.

This video monitor is also one of the easiest to set up. Simply plug it in, and it is ready for use! With its sleek white design and slim profile, this monitor fits easily into skinny jeans without taking up too much room in your bag – not to mention being less than half as big as an average smartphone.

The 5″ handheld monitor displays your baby’s live feed in HD 720p quality, and boasts an extended battery life of 13 hours when left on, far outdoing competitors such as Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro which typically only provides 8 hours.

One additional perk of its voice activation feature is its noise sensitivity setting. You can lower this so the camera won’t startle at every little sound; useful if your child likes to whimper or is a heavy sleeper. Unfortunately, its alarm can take 10 seconds to sound out so may waken the entire house when your child sleeps loudly!

The Eufy Spaceview may not make our top pick list due to several drawbacks: it lacks an onboard movement sensor – something which could be especially helpful if your baby tends to sneak around behind closed doors – and has less clear night vision compared to our top options in our reviews; nevertheless, this camera remains a solid option despite these flaws.

Video quality

The Eufy Spaceview is a non-WiFi monitor that utilizes local video and audio signals to show an image of your child on the parent unit screen. This technology, known as FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum), protects your baby’s video stream from hackers.

This monitor offers an HD image of your child thanks to its 720p display. This superior resolution far surpasses most plug-and-play monitors which only offer a 240p average and more precise monitor settings; you can even customize its brightness settings for a customized experience.

Eufy Spaceview stands out with its wide-angle lens, which expands your field of view and can come in particularly handy if your baby or toddler is an experienced furniture climber or your nursery features lots of corners. Furthermore, this helps monitor children as they run about the room hopping from side to side!

For an advanced monitor, consider the Nanit Plus: it features WiFi-enabled camera that streams live video directly to your smartphone, recording sleep data, tracking movement and breathing patterns, as well as offering customizable voice activation features. However, the Nanit Plus does not offer the same quality or ease-of-use that the Eufy Spaceview provides.

Another excellent option is the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro, a top-rated WiFi-enabled baby monitor currently ranking as one of the best overall options in this category. Offering all of the same features as Eufy Spaceview but at slightly increased costs (it has 13 hours battery life when screen on instead of 8). Furthermore, you can connect an external power supply for uninterrupted use.

Battery life

The Eufy Spaceview handheld monitor is an ideal choice for parents who want to keep an eye on their baby without dealing with Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The 720p video provides clear and detailed images even in night vision mode, while audio quality remains crisp without lag so you can communicate easily with your infant through the camera. Furthermore, temperature monitoring of your nursery as well as motion and sound alerts to keep tabs on movements can all be managed from this one device while panning and tilting capabilities of its pan/tilt functionality allow iterations allow you to keep an eye on what might happen when moving from room to room if necessary!

This monitor’s 5” display provides enough room for you to comfortably watch your baby without straining to see him or her, with its higher than average resolution allowing you to see more details than average baby monitors can show. Furthermore, its anti-screen flicker mode offers additional peace of mind when sleeping sounds may disturb their nap time.

Eufy Spaceview stands out from other baby monitors with its wide-angle lens that expands your field of view to 110 degrees, far surpassing most baby monitors’ 60 degree field of view and providing you with a clear view of both your crib and surrounding room. Plus, its detachable night light can be switched on or off for added versatility when used as an overnight sleep aid without interrupting baby’s restful slumber.

The Eufy Spaceview monitor is an exceptional non-Wi-Fi monitor designed to be easily set up and used, even by tech-challenged parents or grandparents. With an exceptional battery life and secure wireless connection at an unbeatably reasonable price, its value cannot be beaten; yet some features may be essential to certain families like a movement detector or white noise limit of 30 minutes.


Overall, the Eufy Spaceview is an effortless baby monitor to set up and use. It works right out of the box without needing to configure for WiFi networks and has excellent picture quality; just one drawback being its lack of screen display of video streams; however this shouldn’t be seen as a deal breaker by most parents who prefer simple Plug&Play models with built in monitors such as VTech DM221 which provide similar experiences without video support at half price with much smaller designs.

If you are in search of an advanced baby monitor that connects to WiFi networks and uses apps on smartphones, take a look at Nanit Plus. Not only is it non-WiFi but has great image quality with wide angle lens; moreover it boasts 3.5″ touchscreen display display that allows multiple camera support!

Comparing the Spaceview to Infant Optics XR-8 Pro as the longstanding best non-WiFi monitor, we believe the Eufy Spaceview has an edge as it is less expensive while offering better image quality, night vision, 330deg field of view coverage and extended battery life of eight-12 hours with screen on.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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