TP-Link Tapo Review

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TP-Link TapoThe TP-Link Tapo works great as a baby monitor, and offers crystal clear 2K high definition video streaming to both local or cloud storage for instantaneous playback, night vision, motion detection and two-way audio functionality – compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice services.


If you want a smart security camera with great video quality and full compatibility with Amazon Alexa, look no further. TP-Link makes this model and adds credibility and reliability.

This camera is easy to set up, with an intuitive control interface that makes use of live footage from the camera itself or captured clips on a timeline. In addition, there’s an app available that offers motion detection and two-way calling features as well as two-way calling features. However, there may be some slight delays between your mobile device and the camera due to WiFi technology limitations – something most WiFi cameras should expect as standard practice.

As a baby monitor, this camera features pan and tilt functionality to cover an entire room; you can zoom into specific parts for more detail if desired. Recorded Full HD footage captures any motion detected that triggers notifications sent directly to your phone; additionally it has an 850nm IR LED for night recording capabilities which provides up to 9 meters visibility in total darkness.

While it does have some useful features, the camera lacks several essential ones. Videos cannot be saved directly onto your phone for offline viewing and there’s no cloud storage option – which makes downloading recordings manually more inconvenient than with competing models like Wyze Cam v2 or Kasa KD110 video doorbell. Also note that it only features a 2.4GHz WiFi connection which may not be the fastest but works effectively nonetheless.

The Tapo app is simple to use and compatible with most major smart home platforms, including Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Furthermore, Kasa smart plugs add another level of control over devices in your home automation system; you can control devices either with voice-commands or using the Tapo app itself – or schedule them to turn on or off at specific times!

Integrate it with other smart home products, like TP-Link Smart Plugs, to truly make your home intelligent – an excellent choice for beginners just starting out in smart home technology!


If you’re searching for an easy and cost-effective way to monitor your home, the TP-Link Tapo security camera may be an ideal choice. Offering crystal-clear 2K high definition video as well as motion detection notifications night vision two way audio two way audio capabilities; its minimalistic design makes this ideal for monitoring baby sleeping while you’re away or checking up on pets when away.

TP-Link Tapo’s user interface makes setup and use effortless. Its app makes viewing live streaming footage, reviewing captured footage, receiving motion detection notifications, as well as customizing features to meet your individual needs easy, including privacy mode settings and motion detection notifications. Furthermore, device sharing makes sharing viewing of camera feed possible between multiple people simultaneously.

TP-Link also offers Tapo Care, a cloud service that grants access to 30 days of video history for a monthly fee. However, you can choose to record locally on a microSD card without paying a monthly subscription fee. TP-Link Tapo’s sleek and compact design fits in seamlessly with any home decor; its white housing resembles that of a soda can and features various cutouts, indicators, power sockets and cutouts on either end; its camera has wide-angle lens capabilities as well as 850nm IR LEDs as well as microphone capabilities on one end for recording local videos without subscription charges.

TP-Link Tapo offers an easy setup process. Once plugged into and connected to your Wi-Fi network, the device can start functioning immediately; simply download and create an account through its companion app before viewing live feeds and controlling functions from your smartphone; even speaking with people using its two-way audio feature is possible! Unfortunately, however, its only drawbacks include not including a mount or wall hook for installation and its shorter warranty period than other TP-Link cameras.


TP-Link has done an exceptional job at making its smart home devices simple to set up, including this camera. All it requires is a router, smartphone and the Tapo app for setup to take place smoothly – plus, should any issues arise with connection then this app will alert you so you can rectify them right away!

Once everything is set up, voice recognition technology makes controlling devices much simpler and makes life simpler. For example, the TP-Link Tapo can be controlled with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri; additionally it can even pair up with TVs so its livestream appears on a larger screen!

This feature is great for non-tech savvy homeowners looking to add additional security measures in their home. The camera detects movements and sends notifications directly to your phone; you can either record these clips onto its microSD card or choose only receive notifications. Customize motion detection settings within the Tapo app as well as notification settings as desired.

TP-Link Tapo’s two-way talk capability is another excellent benefit of its camera, perfect if you are worried about the safety of your family or pets. Use its app to check who is calling and disable recording; additionally it features a privacy mode to prevent it from saving footage to either cloud storage or local memory.

Establishing the TP-Link Tapo is an effortless experience that takes mere minutes. Once you’ve downloaded and signed up for its app, just follow its on-screen instructions to connect it with your home Wi-Fi network. Be prepared with both password and MAC address information as this step requires them.

Use of wired Ethernet connectivity can also power and connect the camera with your router for faster upload speeds and better video quality. Mount it using its mounting template and screws – but remember, this camera should only be placed indoors as it was not intended for outdoor use!


TP-Link Tapo stands out as an affordable smart home device with simple installation, low price tag and limited features that set it apart from its competition – such as only being capable of recording black-and-white night footage and not offering motorised pan and tilt features like some competitors do. However, its lack of features that differentiate itself may turn off some consumers. For instance, night video recording only supports black and white recordings while it doesn’t include motorised pan-tilt features found elsewhere on its competitors’ models.

If you need an economical camera that’s easily controlled with voice-based controls and has excellent image quality, then consider this model. This model would make a good addition for outdoor surveillance needs like monitoring backyards or swimming pools as well as garage or workshop environments where power outlets may be scarce.

The C200 features an attractive and functional design, but may be less stylish than other smart security cameras on the market. Its circular head is unassuming while its plain base lacks character; furthermore, those hoping it would come in different hues to complement their decor will be disappointed that only white is offered as an option.

One advantage of this model is its night vision capabilities; this feature is especially helpful for keeping an eye on small children. Furthermore, its area-of-interest feature enables you to focus on just that when reviewing footage; additionally, motion alerts allow for notifications when movement occurs in that specific spot.

Utilizing this camera is straightforward with the TP-Link app, working across any Wi-Fi network without needing an Ethernet connection. Furthermore, it supports Onvif surveillance standard systems and you can connect multiple Tapo devices together – perfect if you need to monitor multiple locations!

TP-Link’s app features an intuitive design that makes controlling cameras and other devices, such as robotic vacuum cleaners or heating thermostats, straightforward. Voice calls can also be made through this interface while privacy mode can be activated for voicemail messages. Furthermore, users can take advantage of Tapo with other smart devices through “Smart Actions.”

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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