Aqara 2K Security Indoor Camera Hub G3 Review

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The G3 is a smart camera compatible with HomeKit that consolidates up to 128 Aqara sensors and controllers into one hub for voice control, gesture recognition and two-way communication. It supports voice command as well as two-way dialogue for enhanced convenience. It works rather well as a baby monitor, for those looking for that.

aqara monitor cameraFace detection and human tracking capabilities are enhanced by five hand gestures: V sign, high five, finger gun four four four four and OK. In addition, there is a privacy mode which provides additional security by covering the lens with physical shutter.

Human & Pet Tracking

The Camera Hub G3 is an outstanding security camera, making an excellent alternative to Nest Cam. Compatible with Apple Home ecosystem, this AI-driven security camera boasts face, people, and pet recognition as well as activity zones for notification when something occurs. Furthermore, voice assistant control makes this an accessible product.

Gesture recognition is another outstanding feature. This system can detect five hand movements – victory, high five, finger gun, four and OK – that can trigger various actions. You can set custom gestures to turn on cat/dog tracking automatically when someone enters your home, as well as trigger notifications when someone does so.

G3 makes this possible through its on-device intelligence that analyzes video footage and leverages your iCloud photo library to recognize faces in photos uploaded automatically from the camera to iCloud, and tags these photos accordingly; they’ll appear under either “Humans” or “Pets” sections within Home app.

It can act as a Zigbee hub and consolidate up to 128 devices, and supports Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and other voice platforms. Furthermore, its infrared controller enables local automation via existing infrared-compatible gadgets.

Finally, the camera can also serve as an intercom for two-way audio communication. Equipped with both microphone and speaker in front and one in back acting as intercom/listening for crying babies/answering an incoming call, the camera serves as an ideal two-way intercom solution.

Two-Way Talk

The Camera Hub G3 is an all-around security smart home device. As its name implies, it serves as both a camera and an intercom system as well as being an Aqara child device hub for up to 128 other Aqara child devices.

Long-pressing on the camera to send out a video clip and push notification will arrive directly at account holders’ phones; once received, these account holders can respond by answering calls through Aqara apps, using voice command conversations with individuals in front of the camera or use Aqara voice-to-text capabilities (even while sleeping mode is enabled).

Listen for crying babies in your nursery and communicate directly with them via the Camera Hub’s speaker, which serves as both an intercom and speakerphone. Furthermore, its built-in IR driver enables control over smart home devices while IFTTT support makes custom automation possible through its app.

The Camera Hub offers an exceptional face recognition feature without uploading any data to a cloud service, making it possible to set triggers based on faces that trigger actions like turning on privacy mode when family returns from school or notifying account holder of visitors at the door.

To further secure the Camera Hub, it features a physical shutter which covers its lens when in sleep mode. Furthermore, this device comes equipped with dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi technology to be compatible with most existing home routers as well as a Type-C video out port with UVC support that offers low latency HD output video output via the UVC protocol.

Two-Way Pan/Tilt

As with other Aqara hubs such as the M2 and P3, the G3 features two-way video calling. You can use it to keep in contact with family when away or use it as a doorbell (although audio recording is currently unavailable). With its action trigger feature, it also sends real-time push notifications whenever your face is recognized – along with sending custom messages when unfamiliar faces appear or even activating other actions like turning on the IR transmitter or playing your custom music file!

Another fantastic feature of the G3 camera is its ability to be set up for automated panning to follow tracked people or manually pan and tilt manually. You can use its horizontal rotation capability of up to 340o and 45o of side-to-side movement (roughly half a circle) as well as program it automatically zoom into certain spots when someone or something enters its field of vision.

Privacy is of utmost importance for many homeowners, and the G3 takes great care in its approach. In addition to offering physical privacy screens (that you can adjust either on or off), you can set up the mini switch so one click puts the camera into privacy mode – using Aqara app’s Automation tab, this can even happen automatically when window or door sensors trigger!

The G3 can integrate with many smart home ecosystems and voice assistants, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice and VK Marusya. With its built-in IR controller that makes existing infrared-compatible devices smart, as well as local automations using an app – plus support for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks – no network type compatibility issues need arise!

Motion Detection

As with other smart cameras, the Camera Hub G3 is designed to record and detect motion in its field of view. As well as traditional options like recording and receiving notifications (like an alarm and video playback in its mobile app) it also offers automated responses such as alarms. Furthermore, its built-in Zigbee 3.0 hub supports up to 128 “child” devices – such as sensors or controllers that can be activated either directly by your camera, voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Home app.

The camera’s AI feature is made possible through its built-in NPU processor, allowing it to recognize a range of objects including humans, pets, abnormal sounds, faces and hand gestures. Once recognized it adjusts focus accordingly and zooms in or out depending on distance; and can even use human tracking or face recognition; both modes work effectively.

It can recognize up to five unique hand gestures as triggers for automations, including V sign, four, high five, ok and finger gun.

Camera Hub G3 can be configured with a hardware privacy mode for added security purposes, which can be activated manually by pressing and holding its LED ring for five seconds. Once this mode is active, G3 will send out push notifications asking account holder(s) to repeat this action again within five seconds if they wish to reactivate this security measure; when that occurs the live stream and recording functions stop working; audio only functions remain operational; instead displaying an image of a sleeping face can be seen instead of live video streams being transmitted live over live feeds!


The camera also boasts an intercom feature that enables users to see and communicate with visitors via its built-in microphone and speaker, making it extremely handy. Users can configure it to show a live image continuously or after trigger events; support multiple resolutions; mount it anywhere with standard 1/4 inch thread mounts on its base – great for desk or bookshelf use!

This hub is HomeKit compatible and supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video to allow sensors and cameras to record footage to iCloud. Additionally, Amazon Alexa support can be set up, as will any sensors or devices paired with it being visible within Apple Siri automations or routines; additionally the hub can stream its live feed directly onto compatible smart displays.

Although the Aqara hub may not be a full security system like Ring Alarm or Nest Cam, it offers some useful extra features that make it appealing to many people. A siren that can be manually or automatically activated sends notifications when motion is detected while also featuring an automated or manual privacy screen which prevents strangers from viewing your live feed.

Like its Aqara hub counterparts, the G3 can connect to up to 128 “child” devices (ie battery-powered sensors and buttons) as well as 32 Relay devices to expand systems with hardwired lights or appliances. Setup is straightforward; simply download and install the Aqara app onto a smartphone camera before scanning a QR code with it and configuring Wi-Fi – after which, the hub will display live feeds while also supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for optimal operation.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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