Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor Review

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The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is an advanced Wi-Fi video monitor equipped with breathing motion monitoring. When worn by baby, this band works like Velcro swaddler so camera and app can recognize any small movements or pauses while sleeping and recognize them with machine vision technology.

The app tracks sleep trends and provides advice from pediatric sleep experts, while providing secure user accounts with two-step authentication and multiple settings that give parents complete control.

1. Two-way audio

Nanit Pro’s unique feature – in addition to HD video and two-way audio monitoring – that sets it apart from other monitors on the market is its breathing sensor, which measures tiny movements within your baby’s chest and abdomen, helping prevent SIDS by tracking patterns of movement and alerting when there has been no activity for too long.

Setup and usage are both straightforward, with an elegantly simple interface designed to be user-friendly. You can live stream your baby, monitor their sleep habits, receive milestone messages and manage settings – all within an app!

Another standout feature of the monitor is the bird’s-eye view of your child, which takes some getting used to since most other monitors show your baby from below or sideways – but once Calvin started rolling around I was so relieved to discover he never disappeared behind the bars of his crib or disappeared into any corner.

2. Two-day video storage

The Nanit Pro is an ideal option for parents seeking an all-encompassing monitor that goes beyond audio monitoring to include motion and breathing monitoring as well as tracking sleep patterns (includes free seven day subscription to Insights; then monthly charges). Plus it comes equipped with real time video streaming – perfect for busy parents! However it might not suit everyone.

It may be expensive, and its dependence on your smartphone or tablet as the parent unit can make it seem more like a toy than anything else. Picture quality may not match up to some WiFi competition and its motion sensor may not always function reliably.

Its greatest strength lies in its portability; simply snapping it onto either a wall mount or floor stand and taking it with you on vacation is effortless. Plus, this camera comes equipped with a cable cover to prevent children from reaching through crib bars to pull cords out accidentally.

3. Breathing motion monitoring

Nanit Pro stands out as an exceptional baby monitor by providing easy, one-click monitoring of a sleeping child while also tracking breathing movements in real time.

Nanit Pro can help if you are worried that your child snores or struggles to breathe during sleep. Plus, its bird’s-eye view offers you an expansive perspective on their child, unlike most monitors that provide only limited views from an angle or corner view of the crib. As Calvin got older and began rolling around more frequently I realized how valuable Nanit Pro had become: I never had to fear losing him behind bars or into corners!

Nanit Pro includes one free year of insights with your purchase; after that you must pay a subscription fee. These insights offer automatic sleep education and guidance based on your child’s unique sleeping patterns.

4. Smart sheets

Nanit claims to be the first monitor designed specifically to help babies sleep better – something we’d all welcome with open arms! Its crystal-clear 1080p video and app make for easy use; some features (known as Nanit Insights) require subscription fees.

Nanit is the first company to introduce automated ways of tracking baby growth without sensors or electronics – parents simply place their child on one of Nanit’s Smart Sheets, where an intelligent vision camera reads a proprietary pattern printed onto it using smart vision technology.

Nanit also features an advanced sleep trends and analysis feature which provides valuable information about your baby’s sleeping patterns, such as when they fell asleep and woke up during the night, as well as predict when they might roll over or stand up for the first time! It’s a really useful feature!

5. Personalized tips

Peace of mind for new parents can be hard to come by, especially with newborns: there’s so much to think about from understanding sterilisation to folding pushchairs!

Nanit has you covered with their Pro Smart Baby Monitor, featuring a wall-mounted monitor equipped with camera technology and an app designed to track movement and breathing patterns of children in order to provide personalized tips tailored specifically to their sleep habits.

Nanit offers a selection of intelligent accessories, such as its proprietary Smart Sheets that measure growth based on patterns (you’ll need the Nanit app and smart sheets for this feature to work), multi-stands for mounting cameras anywhere and travel cases for keeping all parts together.

At PS299, the Nanit Pro requires an outlay of PS299. But you will receive a complimentary subscription to Nanit Insights (worth PS50), with additional features such as sleep analysis to assist your little one sleep better as well as guidance from pediatric sleep experts through its app.

6. Remote control

The Nanit Pro offers an impressive range, allowing you to monitor your baby from anywhere within your WiFi network (the app only requires cellular data plan), while also including an easy wall mount to ensure safe use by babies and toddlers alike.

We were impressed with the picture quality on this baby monitor, making it an excellent option for parents wanting to share app access with grandparents. While a bit on the pricey side, this smart monitor offers some impressive smart features worth exploring further.

Nanit Insights — which offers sleep analysis and recommendations — comes included with your purchase of this baby monitor. You can also opt for additional accessories like the Multi-Stand for portable use (with crib, bassinet or pack ‘n play) or travel case storage to protect all parts.

7. Security

This top-quality system boasts more information than you could ever use and could potentially save your baby’s life should any breathing issues arise. Unfortunately, it’s pricier than other monitors and doesn’t include wearable devices like Owlet or Miku (which allow parents to track sleep and breathing stats without tech attached directly to their child).

Nanit is protected against hacking with its 256-bit AES encryption and Wi-Fi, hardware crypto chip and peer-to-peer connections – though no device can ever be completely hack-proof; creating strong username and password combinations will help deter attackers.

8. Easy to set up

This smart baby monitor protects its data by using encryption, making it harder for hackers to penetrate (an issue often found with cheaper models). This offers parents peace of mind knowing their kids are in safe hands when leaving with caregivers.

Nanit offers a breathing monitor linked to its camera through a Breathing Band that monitors breathing in real-time and strives to be more accurate than other monitors which use mats or other gadgets that may sometimes prove unreliable.

Although Nanit Pro offers many features that may benefit you, some come at an additional subscription cost. You’ll get two days of video storage and access to sleep insights for free during its initial year; after this point you must pay a monthly fee depending on how long footage will be kept stored on it. Even without these add-ons however, this monitor offers tremendous value.

9. Free subscription to Nanit Insights

Nanit Insights provides a more in-depth view of your child’s sleeping habits, with an easy-to-use visual stream showing when he/she awakes, stirs or was attended by either you or your partner during sleep. Furthermore, sleep trends and analyses help provide insights that help enhance overall quality sleep for your little one.

The app is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling you to take photos, communicate with anyone in the nursery and manage built-in nightlight and sound machines. Furthermore, this can also be used to set up breathing wear or smart sheets (see “Smart Features” section below for details).

Although Nanit Pro is a high-end option, its many features make it worth consideration if you can afford and are committed to giving your child the best night’s rest possible. With its superior picture quality, birds-eye mounting setup, intuitive app experience and sleep insights features it is truly a standout product that you should seriously consider for purchase.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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