The Angelcare AC300 Baby Monitor – Review and Specs

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Review Of the Angelcare AC300

Angelcare AC300Your search for a baby movement monitor naturally should focus on the goal of finding a reliable and effective one. A movement monitor is a really useful tool for keeping your baby safe and your mind at rest. The Angelcare AC300 baby movement monitor can achieve all of those goals successfully.

A Movement Monitor Designed To Last

This monitor has been designed to monitor the movements of your baby up to approximately 2 years old. They provide you with years worth of accurate monitoring without needing to purchase a different unit as your baby continues to grow. After you baby moves from the crib into a bed, the monitor can be removed from underneath the mattress and put away to use with another little one.

After placed in the flat-position, and securely underneath the mattress, it results in the monitor being out of your baby’s reach, and shouldn’t need to be moved from then on. It will keep on monitoring the movements of your baby as long as the monitor has fresh batteries inside it.

Several Different Ways To Keep You Informed

There is a sensor pad on the AC300 that is placed underneath the mattress in your child’s crib and then it closely monitor your baby’s movements. It has a very simple alert process. If the sensor does not detect any movement within 20 seconds an audible alarm sounds to alert you. If you are sleeping at the time the alert sounds off, it is loud enough that it will wake you so that you can get to your baby quickly to check on him or her.

There is also the option for turning the tic feature on that makes a sound to inform you that movement is being detected currently. That serves to remind you that everything is working well and gives you even greater peace of mind.

Compatibility That Provides You Even More

The AC300 was designed by Angelcare to be compatible with the other baby monitors that they offer such as the AC1100 or the AC401. That additional benefit is useful since it provides you with the ability of adding audio and/or video monitors for your movement monitor, and extra protection.

After several monitoring options are up and running, it is similar to being in several places simultaneously. A video monitor provides you with the visual perspective that is the same as being in the same room that your baby is. An audio monitor allows you to being within your ear’s reach. It is very pleasing to have multiple ways of watching over your baby.

Great for Travel and Battery Operated

The monitor runs totally on two AA batteries. That can be very useful when traveling since you don’t need to use any special adapters or cords. All you need to do is put in new batteries and be all done. The nursery unit’s low-battery light are very helpful since it starts to blink when it is time to change the batteries. That can be very reassuring knowing that the baby monitor will not shut off suddenly due to the batteries dying.

A Helping Hand

As much as you may want, as a parent, you can’t be at your baby’s side or hold her or him 24 hours per day. The Angelcare AC300 can be so helpful to you through the monitoring tasks when you are in another room or are resting. All parents understand how nice it can be to have a bit of extra help for childcare and the numerous things that it lets you get done. That gives you some added freedom that you need to have every day without having to worry that your baby is not being attended to.

A Monitor You Can Truly Appreciate

It is very rare to find a product that has a great deal of usefulness and is really good for you personally as well. The AC300 is fully capable of being able to provide all these benefits, and much more.

Even if your naked eye is not always able to tell if your baby has totally stopped moving or not, this is where the AC300 truly shines. Since monitoring your baby’s movement is such an essential task, it only should be done on a monitor that is able to perform at a very high level. Fortunately, this monitor is one of the best one at doing exactly that.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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