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Breaking Down the Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor

Angelcare AC401With many asking how this system compares to Motorola devices, we thought it was a great one to test out today. This unit’s screen is packed with features not found on many other units we’ve examined, including temperature and audio tracking. The Angelcare AC401 baby monitor is a system that may do everything without the need to be paired with extras to stretch features.

This system is easily one of the top picks for most parents you’ll find anywhere, and you’ll see why through the course of our review. We believe you’d be hard pressed to get a unit like this one with its slew of bonus features at a similar price point.

Our Review’s Results

This brand provides an assortment of motion monitors that also include audio, video, etc. We examined the Angelcare AC401 movement and sound model (not the deluxe) as part of the many monitoring devices that we review, focusing on the function of it and not the app or any potential troubleshooting. Peace of mind is just one of the advantages of working with a great device, and nothing allows us a break simpler than knowing we’ve got the unit that will keep our dear loved one safe. We had no false alarms during our testing phase after we had it setup properly.

It has adjustable sensitivity enabling you to tune the detector pad to never pick up smaller vibrations as a false positive. AC power with a battery back up adds a second degree of reliability not found by many. A sensitivity dial may be adjusted to an optimum level for your own environment, and lies on the rear of the unit. We discovered that if the sensitivity was put above level 4, the backdrop vibrations from a heat port near the crib could be picked up. Even though this won’t produce a false alarm, it will not limit the efficacy of the monitor while the heater is on, as designed, since it doesn’t alert.

Together with the sensitivity we had no interference and no alarms from outside sources. Some users have reported false alerts once their child can roll themselves and get over into the borders of the crib. We didn’t encounter this issue through testing, but we admit that this nevertheless can be a problem for some.

We hypothesize that the vibrations brought on by motion in an identical fashion doesn’t show up with all mattresses, so based on type and the depth of mattress you utilize when baby is on the move, your results might vary. Lastly, the range on the Angelcare AC401 is decent, though not as long range as other devices on the market.

The AC401’s Battery Backup

We adore the AC power with a battery setup. The components we examined rely on battery power. With batteries at the nursery unit and the AC power, we can rest easy knowing that in case the electricity went out throughout the night our screen would keep on working. If you have another device monitoring your sound this might not be the one for you, however we discovered that having movement and sound on a single parent unit was quite handy. The wireless parent unit simplifies things, and removes the need for multiple devices.

Throughout our testing we found the Angelcare AC401 monitor to be simple when we have gotten acquainted with the parent unit. We discovered great functions like sound sensitivity and alarm settings. It’s very important to be aware that the issue we had with getting knowledgeable about the parent unit was a result of this incredible degree of customization that the unit is capable of.

Both audio and visual indicators are available. We discovered it to be a pleasure once we fully examined this parent unit. The parent unit runs on a rechargeable battery, and may be used while sitting at the charging cradle in the event the battery is depleted by you while the screen is in use.


Setup and installation for the Angelcare AC401 was fairly easy. You have to have a surface that is hard for the mattress. If your crib includes springs or slats you will have to custom cut a sheet of plywood or Masonite to match your crib. It is essential to be aware that the detector won’t work with memory foam mattresses. The wires have to be routed, and a sensor pad is placed under the bed into the unit and the bed. We urge routing the cable down the leg of this crib. This means that you want it within easy reach with some kind of surface to place the parent unit on, like a table or bookshelf.

The sensitivity function on the Angelcare AC401 enables you to dial to filter out smaller sounds. The nursery unit includes a battery backup, as we mentioned before, and may be utilized without AC power. However, it needs to be plugged into an outlet maintaining the batteries. The parent unit is rechargeable and has it’s own charging cradle and power cord, so we recommend putting this outside of your kid’s room without disturbing them. It requires some setup, of course, and has separate parts – more than any other screen in our test group.

This is a wonderful motion monitor suited to use in the home with your infant’s crib. We recommend it for parents who don’t have a monitor yet and are on the lookout for a solid unit.

Overall Worth

We believe this can be really excellent for parents given its value, and the price is on par with or under monitors that are comparable as well. The detector pad can be eliminated if you so desire, and the screen may be used to monitor not only audio, but also room temps. Many motion monitors we’ve reviewed ought to be paired with a noise monitor to stretch the feature set of the system, however, this great model has all of it in 1 package.

Final Decision on the AC401

The Angelcare AC401 model is a high end motion monitor. Its reliability has been leading sales among similar models as a result of a flexible sensor mat in addition to a battery backup in the event your power goes out. Filled with features such as sound and temperature observation, it is a unit well worth investing in. The parent unit (that is wireless) permits one to move round and do other things while still keeping a close eye on your dear little one.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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