Best Baby Monitor for Twins – The Top 3 This Year

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If you know somebody who is lucky enough to be expecting twins (or if it’s you), behind prepping the nursery, you need to place a good deal of thought into what will be the best baby monitor for these 2 precious babies. Can you purchase just one? Or, should every baby possess their very own monitoring system?

These were the questions my dear friend posed to me when she let me know that she was expecting two little darlings.

So, I decided to do some investigating to help her, you, and everyone else out.

Read on to learn about which is the top system to get for those 2 dear children.

#1. Infant Optics DXR-8

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is a must have if you’re looking to have both of your infants in the exact same room.

This model lets you find every possible view in the room, which means it’s possible to observe every area of your own nursery. You can make it move vertically as well. Consider it a “robot” monitor. I have never run into a monitor such as this, which allows any possible angle to be checked out by you while zooming in with unparalleled quality.

The monitor itself has a huge display on a portable unit and displays in color. In addition, it has a battery life of approximately ten hours, which is really excellent for these (but anticipate 6 hours if you’re planning to keep the display on consistently).

The monitor itself you could plug into nearly anywhere (you even receive a beeping warning once the battery is getting low). It is priced reasonably in my view for the features it has. A bit more than some? Sure, but you do get something that’s higher quality, quite durable, and higher functioning.

The actual camera is of good quality and lets you look at your infant clearly.

You can keep tabs on the temperature of the room surrounding your babies (that is an essential one for SIDS-related concerns), and also when your little ones get older, it permits you to communicate via the unit and vice versa (a need throughout potty training days).

Overall, this is an excellent item for the price.

If You Are Keeping Them in Different Rooms

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Add-On Camera

If you’re considering keeping your infants in their own individual rooms, then you can get up to four extra cams to go with the above DXR-8.

Financially, it makes sense. Go out and buy a unit which can accommodate cameras as needed.

Together with the cameras it is possible to switch back and forth between rooms around the large viewing display of the DXR-8.

You will notice that both cameras possess a good image quality as they’re produced from glass that is multi-layered.

An added bonus? To get a protection against damage, you can pay a small cost.

This is easily our top choice for the monitor to properly cover both your children that is currently available on the marketplace.

#2. Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color

summer infant dual viewThe Summer Infant Dual-View is definitely what mothers with multiple babes want. They simply have to see more than 1 baby at the same time, sometimes during the afternoon outside and in a dark room inside (after all, each baby won’t always possess the exact same sleep schedule).

Moms get two cameras so that they could zoom in on each child regardless of whether they sleep in the same area. The cameras make it possible for mothers to zoom in as needed.

The cameras get the standard audio, and have a solid nighttime vision for evening usage. In addition, it boasts a cool screen perspective. So although your babies both are down for a nap, but snooze in rooms apart from each other, there is no need to guess who is weeping at which moment, or why. You can just see both, which is of course a great thing.

Ranging up to 600 feet, mothers will have the independence and flexibility to move freely on all levels of the house (or if mother’s moving too far off, an out of range indicator is going to be triggered). The batteries of the monitor are rechargeable, but may be put on power save mode, making it last much longer.

Volume is flexible, as is monitoring brightness levels, which is useful. The camera of the monitor is small enough to be set on a dresser or nightstand, or it may be mounted on the wall.

Mothers can clip the monitor on themselves to get a hands free experience with complete peace of mind that their bundle of joy is peacefully resting, and you can securely use its kick stand as well. A great purchase for anyone looking for more flexibility.

#3. The Motorola MBP36S-Two

Motorola MBP36S-2 Video Baby MonitorMotorola’s video monitor with dual cameras is vital for mothers to have if they’re planning to bring two babies home from the hospital.

There is much more to see to track. You are able to acquire a clear view of the infants during the afternoon on its large display.

Feel free to pan, zoom, and tilt with the parent unit to acquire the best perspective of the baby. The screen contains about a 600 foot range, and is fully wireless so that mothers do not need to camp out during the afternoon near the screen.

If your babies are fretting you can play as many as five lullabies to try and calm them before having to go get them yourself. You are able to acquire a perspective that is very clear, due to the technology of Motorola, and it has some great night vision.

This is designed Using a very sensitive mic, which is controlled by you and is clear to hear from far off. The battery includes a pack that is rechargeable as well as adapters so that you may ensure that your screen is prepared to go.

Moms love a low battery alarm that sounds when they will need to be reminded to recharge.

Another great feature is that it can gauge the temperature in the event that you are worried about if your infants are too cold or too hot.

Just How Many Monitors Should I Get?

You can remove one screen if you’re thinking about having both infants in the same nursery. There are lots of amazing monitors on the market which enable you to scan across the room with ease.

I suggest using a monitor in every room if you’re thinking about using separate rooms. Not to have one in each is less safe.

The biggest reason that mothers split up their kids is so that their sleep patterns can be established individually without any interruption.

Top Things You’ll Want With Your Baby Monitor

  • It Can Take a Beating. You’re likely to drop your screen. A great deal! I can not even tell you how frequently it was snatched by my son on the way from the nursery, or how many times mine slid from my fingers. Get something that can take a hit and keep working.
  • A Good Battery. You need something which may last without being plugged in every 20 minutes!
  • Great Night Vision. You have to have the ability to see your babies to ensure complete peace of mind. Night vision is essential so that you can see who’s weeping.
  • Pricing. Monitors can become really expensive (particularly if you’re thinking about purchasing two). You get exactly what you put in. If you skimp and grab a cheap system you’ll wish you hadn’t. Spend a little more to get something that is of a high quality, has a great picture, sound, solid features, and can take a beating. You’ll thank me later.

So this is where I stand on which is the best baby monitor to get for twins. With the Infant Optics DXR-8 you only require one unit along with an added cam (or two) to allow you to care for your infants and have absolute peace of mind if they are not with you. You’ll sleep better knowing you have the best possible system in place keeping an eye on your loved ones.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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