VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor Review

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VTech VM819 Video Baby MonitorVTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor is an easy and straightforward device for monitoring infants, offering night vision, two-way communication, temperature sensor and lullabies features.

It features a high resolution 2.8-inch display and industry-leading 19 hours of battery life per charge, providing reliable long operating range up to 1000 feet that allows you to stay in touch with your newborn throughout the day.

1. Long battery life

Stay on top of your baby while taking care of household tasks with a VTech baby monitor, featuring sound indicators and alerts, clear vision, long range transmission capability and long battery life.

VTech’s VM819 video baby monitor boasts a 2.8″ LCD display which keeps an eyeful of your adorable infant day and night, automatic infrared night vision, temperature sensor and two calming melodies and ambient sounds to soothe their sleep.

VTech’s VM819 monitor stands out as an industry leader with 19 hours of video streaming on a single charge and 29 hours of audio only streaming, as well as security-graded wireless connection via an internal 2.4GHz channel and FHSS technology. Easy setup and use; beeps when battery needs charging or connection between parent unit and camera is lost.

2. Easy to use

VTech VM819 stands out from other baby monitors by not relying on apps or wi-fi for its signal transmission; making it very secure. Instead, its built-in 2.4 GHz internal channel uses FHSS technology that ensures it cannot be compromised.

This monitor offers automatic infrared night vision capabilities, a 2.8-inch display, two soothing melodies and white noise to soothe newborn sleep, temperature detection capabilities and temperature sensors. Furthermore, two-way communication, remote camera pan and tilt functions plus diaper and feeding alerts complete its features set.

This monitor features best-in-class battery life with 19 hours of video streaming on one charge, so that you can keep an eye on your little one all night long. Furthermore, its long working range of up to 1000 feet means it allows you to keep an eye on them no matter where they may be playing in the house or yard.

3. Two-way communication

With its large 2.8″ display and automatic night vision capabilities, this video baby monitor enables you to see every detail of your adorable infant in full view. Plus, its two soothing lullabies and 2-way audio talk features help soothe newborns. Furthermore, it boasts temperature sensor features as well as being wall mountable – all making this monitor simple to set up and use!

It provides a secure connection without the need for WiFi, employing 2.4GHz FHSS technology that prevents anyone from hacking in. In addition, it works with most VTech cameras and works even when its parent unit is muted.

The VM819 is an ideal choice for parents who wish to monitor their child from afar while remaining focused on other tasks around the house, or camping trips as it works on batteries and has an impressive 1000 foot range.

4. Voice Activated Alerts

When your child makes noise in his or her room, it can be hard to know the source. Is he trying to climb out of his crib or has someone entered?

VTech’s voice activated alerts are designed to ease these fears by only activating the parent unit screen and muted sound when there is an unusual noise or vibration, thus relieving stress while saving battery power when they aren’t needed.

The VTech VM819 comes equipped with two soothing lullabies and four sets of ambient sounds to lull your baby to sleep, as well as a high-resolution monitor and nursery temperature display on its baby unit. Without Wi-Fi and app pairing capabilities, FHSS technology provides secure internal 2.4GHz channel transmission for maximum privacy – offering up to 1000 feet range for home or travel use!

5. Night vision

VTech baby monitors offer an assortment of features designed to keep an eye on your little one even while you’re busy with other chores. Their long battery life, clear vision, and reliable signal make them the ideal solution for busy parents.

VM819 is an automatic infrared night vision baby monitor equipped with temperature sensing capability so you can stay up-to-date on their comfort in their crib.

This device boasts a 2.8-inch display that shows your baby’s entire body in full view, so no movement goes unnoticed. In addition, two soothing melodies and ambient sounds help your little one fall asleep quickly and peacefully. Plus, its privacy-protection capabilities ensure no wifi or apps interfere with video transmission – FHSS technology transmits video feed internally on a 2.4Ghz channel for digital video transmission!

6. Temperature sensor

With a temperature sensor built into the parent unit, you can ensure your baby remains at an appropriate temperature. The monitor will notify you if conditions in their room become too warm or cool; thus allowing you to quickly make any adjustments needed for their comfort.

See Your Child Day or Night

Keep an eye on your newborn from any corner of the house with ease with its 1000ft long range and automatic night vision, plus soothing lullabies and sounds on its high resolution, 2.8″ colour LCD screen portable parent unit. Choose between two calming melodies and two ambient sounds (such as white noise or trickling stream ) to help your infant drift off peacefully to sleep. With best-in-class battery life and extended operating range you can keep tabs on their every move all night long!

7. VOX mode

The VOX mode in this baby monitor enables you to save battery charge by only transmitting sounds when they detect noises that exceed an acceptable threshold, helping prevent unnecessary alarms from sound alerts that could startle either you or your baby.

This Wi-Fi-free model boasts a generous parent unit screen with wide viewing angle for optimal baby monitoring. In addition to five soothing lullabies and two-way communication features, this device also comes equipped with room temperature sensing capabilities and room temperature sensor functionality. In screen-on mode the battery lasts six hours on one charge while even longer in power-saving VOX mode!

The VM819 utilizes FHSS transmission technology, which is hackproof and provides full privacy. With its superior range and battery life, this model has earned both Fatherly editors’ praise as well as customer loyalty on Amazon, thanks to its dependability, night vision capabilities, and HD video quality.

8. Remote camera pan and tilt

VTech baby monitors are essential tools for parents looking for peace of mind while their child sleeps. Their long battery life and numerous features allow you to keep an eye on them no matter where you are; even remotely pan and tilt allows you to adjust camera angles without disturbing baby.

The VTech VM819 baby monitor is an ideal choice for parents looking for a high-quality, dependable device with a large 2.8″ display and night vision capability. Additionally, this monitor offers a privacy guarantee by not connecting to wi-fi or apps and only giving access to you; additionally it features temperature regulation with five soothing lullabies that will help your little one sleep soundly!

9. 1000 foot range

The VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor boasts an impressive 1,000 foot range, so you can monitor your baby from virtually any room of the house. Utilizing digital wireless technology for an interference-free connection and with sound indicators and alerts that let you rest easy knowing that they are safe from harm, this monitor gives parents peace of mind.

This top-rated baby monitor boasts a 19 hour battery life, 2.8″ display, automatic night vision and two-way audio talk; as well as temperature sensing capability and soothing lullabies to help put baby to bed at night.

The VTech DM221 audio baby monitor gives parents peace of mind thanks to its long operating range and secure internal 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission. Equipped with vibrating sound-alerts and talk back intercom, this monitor keeps you connected with your baby even when you are not present in the room.

10. Screen turn off and mute

Parents can relax knowing their infant is safe with this baby monitor’s screen turn off and mute features, providing parents a break without being constantly concerned. Plus, its 2.8 display lets them watch over every movement so nothing is missed out!

Privacy Guaranteed – No WiFi or App Pairing Necessary – Trusted by US families for decades, this monitor utilizes a secure internal 2.4GHz channel equipped with FHSS technology that guarantees only you can hear and see your child.

This monitor boasts a long operation range of 1000 feet so you can move around the house while keeping an eye on your newborn. Plus, its two-way talk feature lets you easily soothe your child remotely while its lullabies and ambient sounds provide soothing comfort to help settle them quickly into sleep. Finally, its rechargeable battery comes equipped with night light features for welcoming ambience in any nursery environment.

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This post contains affiliate links. As an eBay Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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