Best Strollers for 3, 4, and 5 Year Olds This Year

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If you’re looking for the best stroller for a 3, 4, or 5 year old (basically any children in the preschool ages) then I’m here to help you to make the right choice for your dear little one. I know, the world of strollers can be a huge, deep thing to get into, and it can be challenging for a parent to choose proper strollers for traveling with their kids. However, armed with the below complete guide to shopping for the correct strollers, and the top choices when it comes to the best strollers for 3, 4, and 5 year olds, I’m sure you can find one that matches your family the most.

Strollers For 3 Years Old

The Umbrella Choice: Pockit Lightweight Stroller

A really great stroller for 3-year-old children is the GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller, which can be easy to use and ships completely assembled to save you time and headache.

This stroller is among the most compact strollers on the marketplace at just 9 pounds, and is great in terms of maneuverability and stability.

Due to its flexible system, the fact that its very lightweight, and the compactness from the fold method the Pockit Lightweight Stroller is a handy solution for excursions and journeys that are long as it could fold and fit in tiny spaces. Made of high quality, durable substance, it may consume up to 55 lbs in its own carrier area and 11 lbs from the storage basket.

Another thing about this stroller is your travel system Technology which makes it a flexible solution for people. The Pockit Lightweight Stroller has a safety buckle and comfort pads which may be corrected at various heights for a comfy and safe fit.

Good Stuff

  • Can be folded either compact or extra compact.
  • The fabric part of the seat can be removed and washed.
  • Has a high weight limit.

Bad Stuff

  • The canopy is small.
  • The wheels are just made to be used on a flat surface, and are smaller.
  • The pedals for braking are placed between the wheels at the rear, which can be hard to handle.

The Jogging Choice: JOOVY Zoom 360 Ultralight

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is among my favorite strollers Which may be used from birth (travel programs ) before your child outgrows it, which will most likely be in early elementary school age (3 years).

Being the updated version of the Zoom 360, you’re going to be receiving several helpful features at a relatively acceptable price.

This stroller includes suspension Front wheel, a parent console, pneumatic tire, along with also an under-seat storage bin, which makes it a convenient alternative for ordinary use (especially running ).

The suspension with pneumatic tires may manage Any terrain, thus assuring you of fantastic maneuverability and a smooth ride.

Concerning stability and sturdiness, the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight’s Frame is created substance, with aluminum and the durable 600D polyester. This produces the stroller quite sturdy and secure, despite weighing 25.7 pounds. And for a usage – demanding and demanding.

Limitation of around 75 pounds. The Zoom 360 is a great Option which makes my alternative.
It also includes a lot of storage spaces such as the huge basket, big mesh-pocket at the rear of the elastic chair, two mesh pockets at the chair, and a parent.

The system functions nicely and also the stroller takes up space . Your auto, closet or garage. Not forgetting to mention that the amazing and flexible 5-point use system to keep the child safe, in addition to the flexible seat that allows your child sit upright or reclined.

Good Stuff

  • Very stable and grounded.
  • Setting it up is a cinch.
  • Weight goes up to 75 lbs.
  • Extra wide seat is great for bigger kids.

Bad Stuff

  • The braking system is stiffer than normal.
  • There isn’t much padding on the seat.
  • Doesn’t have a hand brake.

Strollers For 4 Years Old

The Budget Choice: Baby Jogger City Tour Onyx

Baby Jogger knows that the bulkier strollers frequently make travel with children harder than it has to be.

Consequently, They’ve managed to come up with strollers which Are simple setup to fold and move. Among the greatest releases within their line of scooters is your City Tour stroller, that has a variety of features that will assist you navigate sidewalks, bus terminals, airports and other public spaces easily.

This buggy weighs 14 pounds. With along with a maximum weight Capacity of 45 pounds. Making it a option for kids and babies aged 4. It has and may be reclined to accommodate your own child.

Baby Jogger is famous for the City Tour and canopies Does not disappoint. It sports a massive UV 50+ 3 panel canopy with canopy extension (pop-out sun visor) plus a peek-a-boo window.

Among City Tour’s characteristics is that the streamlined Method folds. It is possible to just hold the kid in 1 hand and use the other to fold it. It has space to put in.

As the stroller includes a suitable storage basket that provides space for accessories storage should be an issue.

Good Stuff

  • Excellent parking brake and overall braking setup.
  • Rubber handlebar means you have a great grip and an easy time with handling.
  • Compact and light.

Bad Stuff

  • No cupholder or much storage at all, really.
  • Harness is hard to adjust.

Another Good Option: UPPAbaby G-LUXE Ani

UPPAbaby G-LUXE stroller makes it in my list due to its contemporary features and wonderful strength.

As you know UPPAbaby has been updating all of their versions and G-Luke was not an exception. Weighing 15 lbs, the most recent G-Luxe is widely valued because of its powerful profile along with also the one-action brake.

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is a lightweight umbrella stroller with a Recline feature which allows for nap time around the move. The easy ride and essential amenities make this among my favorite selections for your young toddler (4-year-old) graduating from this significant stroller.

This big-kid umbrella stroller includes a canopy That’s Essential for taller And children that are larger. The canopy expands as a sunshade protecting the child out of pops that are light and sunlight. The tall handlebars match both tall and short parents (pushers), aside from using an under-seat basket along with a cup holder.

Although this stroller has no option for attaching the chair, a vehicle seat Is comfy, well-padded and reclines really readily. With a load capacity of 55 pounds. Along with a carrying strap, it is the travel alternative for parents.

Good Stuff

  • 3 different reclining position options.
  • Setup is simple.
  • Sun canopy extends for extra shade.

Bad Stuff

  • Hard to clean.
  • Harness has little cushioning.
  • Not good for harder terrain.

Strollers For 5 Years Old

The Jogging Choice: BOB Revolution PRO

In my estimation, the BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller is among the greatest single jogging strollers for big kids.

It is frequently used for bigger children (such as 5 year olds) since it weighs 30.5 pounds with a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds.

It comes with a canopy that is Massive to give your infant defense from All weather conditions. Its fold method is completely functional, it may fold flat, which makes it mobile and will fit in the tightest space. The flexible suspension is worth mentioning as it aids the stroller match most terrains.

Using its 3-wheel layout the BOB Revolution PRO is agile and stable. It can move through tight turns with all the wheels rolling onto any sort of terrain: gravel, grass, sand, and sand.

The BOB Revolution Pro includes a Normal on/off foot (rear drum) Brake positioned on the back wheel axle plus a hand-held brake situated on the left-hand handle. This produces a perfect choice as you’ve got the liberty of using your hands or feet to slow down the buggy when you are out any action.

Another feature is Nicely cushioned with adjustable straps which hold the passenger at a place.

Good Stuff

  • Reclining seat with multiple positions.
  • Both a parking and a hand brake.
  • Works well for both smaller babies and bigger preschool children.

Bad Stuff

  • Bulky and big.
  • Heavier than most.
  • No bumper bar.

The Budget Choice: Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

In the event that you’re on the lookout for a maneuverable tandem stroller that navigates distances effortlessly and that won’t break your wallet, the Joovy Caboose may be exactly what you need.

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite is a double stroller Using a sit-and-stand capacity and 20 percent lighter than many analogous buggies on the market nowadays. This merchandise that is sit-and-stand is a much better choice as a result of its design, little simple to use features, and fold method.

The liberty will be offered your child by the stroller Three places such as walking, standing, and sitting. As a result of this different attribute, many users find the Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller is the correct choice for their children for its healthy liberty, and it can be a win-win for both children and parents alike.

In Addition, it offers the canopies and a trendy style are created From the powerful 600D nylon cloth to offer you the passenger a ride that is , shielding them. It comes which you may use to carry essentials.

This double stroller out of Joovy guarantees you of a smooth ride due to its rear suspension suspension and also accessible brakes.

Good Stuff

  • Lots of different options to maximize comfort.
  • Very light double stroller.
  • Ships with a car seat adapter.

Bad Stuff

  • Requires 2 hands to fold.
  • Not very stable.
  • Heavier than most.

Another Good Option: Thule Urban Glide

The Thule Urban Glide is another favored jogging stroller as it is lightweight, has a great ease of maneuverability, and remarkable run-ability.

With a weight capacity of 75 pounds. Plus it is a wonderful running stroller for children, both for 5-year-olds and particularly 4.

This stroller Provides an Wonderful combination of attributes Performance, and advantage making it a fantastic buggy. In any case, it’s a fully functional layout made from high-quality substances, which means it’s simple to use and comfortable for the pusher as well as passenger.

Another feature of this stroller would be both large back The front along with wheel wheel. The front wheel provides maneuverability and may be secured for stability. Additionally, it offers a rear-suspension that is practical system that absorbs all effect for rides.

Then there is the multi-position canopy providing protection and Protection against sun rays. Additionally, it has peek-a-boo using a magnetic closure.

Good Stuff

  • All-terrain tires.
  • Well designed.
  • Smoother riding due to excellent shock absorption.

Bad Stuff

  • Stiffer than normal foot brake.
  • Handlebar needs more padding.
  • Seat isn’t always comfortable when upright.

Guide: Selecting The Best Stroller For Big Kids

Whether your child has and develops faster than his/her era mates Outgrown not able to pay long distances on foot or he must ride in a stroller due to a illness or the stroller, there a stroller for you.

Here are the things to remember while you go out searching for the stroller of your kid.


Is use you go searching for a stroller.

You must be realistic the stroller for. This begins by thinking about the age, weight, and health condition of the kid because scooters have limitations for infant and weight sizes. There are scooters which could correct – .

When You’ve taken the Child’s age and weight you are By knowing how you’d use your stroller, Needed to make your choice based. When it’s for walks to the mall or medical problems on paths.

For Example, if your child is currently recovering from distress or surgery From other circumstances that your health care provider will help locate the stroller. Consider some streamlined, lightweight and easy to fold if you’ll use public transportation.

Kinds of Strollers

When You’re done analyzing what you will and you Want the stroller Be using it , it is time you have a peek at different kinds of scooters.

Standard Strollers: All these will be the most common (conservative and hefty ) strollers which come in various layouts with a variety of features you may need. The majority of them have seats which may be inclined in various places allowing the child to sit down. Their drawback is that the bulkiness.

Lightweight Strollers: All these are much better for toddlers And older ideal for long distance trips, and kids. They are fold-up and mild compactly, with cushioning. Versions are not appropriate for babies as they don’t have support and sufficient padding.

Jogging Strollers: All these are intended for parents that might want to exercise with their babies. They comprise 3-bicycle wheels onto a mild, powerful frame able to provide smooth handling to the pusher and easy ride to your passenger.

Travel Systems: This really is the most innovative Kind of Strollers (enhanced from running and regular strollers) that may carry baby car seats. They’re weightier somewhat larger and more costly, and may be used with children. They include matching baby car seats.

Double Strollers: These allows parents shove two children Simultaneously. Most versions have room for preschool children and babies, while some are intended for twins (babies ).

Keeping Safe

Security is another important aspect. How powerful is the? stroller? Can it stay secure and sturdy with accessories and the child, hanging using its own handle? How reputable is your tap? system?

You Have to ensure the exploit system includes a system The infant well-strapped. Attempt to discover the pinch point where his palms may hurt. Not forgetting to mention the handling as well as the brakes function element.

Are They Comfortable?

The stroller should provide handling and a smooth ride to the pusher and passenger. This is where you check for Managing and Maneuverability.

Whether the brakes run smoothly 14,, you can push the buggy to assess The handlebars are powerful with a gripe that is fantastic. Additionally, check by turning it around rough and tight distances, and you are able to get into the breaks and twisting.


Strollers come with various features to match your planned lifestyle usage. Make certain the features match what you need, and you will want to prioritize your requirements, of course.

These things include trays, toys, diaper totes, beverage holders, and a rain hood.

Include the Fold System Handling Height, of the Wheels, Storage Fabric, Maintenance and versatility, Care, Aesthetic and Budget.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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